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The Nuns of Noordgesig

The Nuns of Noordgesig

The Nuns of Noordgesig shared their inspirational stories with the NCEP

Sister Nadine

Sister Nadine was born in Paris, France and is now a permanent member of the Noordegsig community.  She has been living an extraordinary (sometimes tumultuous) life and shared her story with the NCEP on 2 October 2020. Alongside Sister Nadine was Sister Miriam and Sister Anna. Sister Nadine decided to move to South Africa in 1976 , after reading the novel by Alan Paton- Cry the Beloved Country-. Sister Nadine was moved by the unity she read about and as a result ventured to South Africa.

When Sister Nadine first landed in South Africa, she resided in Pitermaritzburg, Kwa-Zula Natal. She then moved to Eldorado Park, Johannesburg. Her stay was cut short after her house being set alite. Since then, Sister Nadine has lived in Noordgesig. Sister Nadine is fond of the values the community are built on. Sister Nadine were close friends with the late Vesta Smith and her daughter. During the apartheid era they opened up their home for meetings and as a safe haven for the freedom fighters. While “Ma Vee” and her daughter were imprisoned, Sister Nadine wrote letters to them while waiting for their release. Vesta Smith’s daughter named her baby after Sister Nadine, which speaks to the relationship between Sister Nadine and Ma Vee, and just how deep it was. Sister Nadine is inspired by the community and the family values they share and reciprocates that inspiration to the community.

Sister Miriam

Sister Miriam, a Malta native, arrived in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2002, and has lived in Noordgesig ever since. Her need to better the community has inspired her to initiate amazing projects amazing projects with local Noorgesig residents. Sister Miriam taught woman from the community to bake with the idea that they would use the skill to start a small business.  She has also offered to teach gardening skills. This skill is twofold in that beautiful gardens can be created and well as the production of  fresh produce (fruit and vegetables). The idea of the veggie garden is inspired by Sister Glavar, a community leader, who started up her own garden and used it to help people in the community. Sister Miriam also expresses her view on social injustice within the community and how no one is whiling to stand up and seek change. Sister Miriam believes that although education is the key to success some people are not cut out for school and should be given the opportunity to learn other skills using their hands.

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