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The story of Cyril Beckett, Merina Beckett and Lynette Geluk

The story of Cyril Beckett, Merina Beckett and Lynette Geluk

The story of Cyril Beckett, Merina Beckett and Lynette Geluk

Cyril Beckett was born in the beautiful township of Noordgesig in 1959 and has lived in this community his entire life. In his earlier life, Mr Beckett attended Noordgesig Primary School and subsequently Noordgesig Secondary School. Mr and Mrs Beckett have been married for over thirty 30 years. From this marriage came two sons, followed by four grandchildren.  

The Beckett’s home is built on the foundation similar to that of the community Noordgesig.. A memory shared with the team was when the K211 handed the children (at that time) South African flags. This was an exciting time for the people in this township because it established the on-going significance of sport in the community, and how sport kept the youth safe and motivated.

Mrs Beckett shared some of the communities challenges. Among these challenges is inapt health care service at the local clinic. In addition no access to newly built facilities in the community. The community needs some kind of aid to kick start sporting events, with the hope to alleviate and ultimately stop the use of drugs. Cyril Beckett would so much like to start a feeding scheme using vegetables from a garden. This garden is to be maintained by the community. Mr Beckett is inspired by the community’s family orientated roots and how everyone is constantly standing by to help each other out.

Lynette Geluk was present during this interview. She solidified and added on to stories told by Mr Beckett and his wife. We are thankful to Ms. Geluk for arranging this interview session.

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