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The Story of Veronica McLellan

The Story of Veronica McLellan

The Story of Veronica McLellan.

Veronica McLellan was one the first Noordgesig locals we interviewed. Mrs. McLellan was born and has been living in Noordgesig her entire life. She went on to recall the happier memories of Noordgesig, especially when she was a child. Mrs. McLellan’s face lit up when she spoke of the open air cinema in her teenage years. She also went to talk about picnics and carnivals, dancing and instrumental activities available to the people of Noordgesig. Veronica explained that local boxing classes were available and subsequently boxing matches that were performed as entertainment. Her father trained boxers, one such a boxer is Jake Tuli. Local pageants were also hosted for the entertainment of the locals. Mrs. McLellan explained that she feels like church has been lost in the community. Furthermore, she says that the use of drugs is the biggest demise of the youth in Noordgesig. She hopes that the community will return to its original vibrant and productive state. 

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